Friday, August 16, 2013

BEST Whole Wheat Bread ever!!!

I've tried a lot of recipes to get that yummy soft consistency of bread -so far this one tops them all! It rises just like white bread like it says!

here is the link:

I do half hard white and half hard red milled flour.
I make the whole recipe and I do one 2lb loaf, one 1lb plain loaf and one 1lb cinnamon raison loaf (which is absolutely delicious)!

For the cinnamon raison bread:
Before you shape it into a loaf knead in raisons(that way they don't all fall out when you toast it)
then combine 2T  sucanat and 2 tsp cinnamon in a blender. Spread the rolled out loaf with butter and sprinkle the cinnamon mixture  ...roll it up and voila!( thanx Leah ;)


  1. Ooh! I'll have to try this one. Thank you!

    (BTW, it's "voila," not wahla. ((hehe)) But hey, if you were the awesome cook you are AND an awesome speller you'd just make us all feel bad. And, as you say, cooking IS better... :P)

    1. Oh ya forgot to tell you sue was dying after reading your comment ... She was laughing so hard ;)
      I told her she was responsible for my posts since I usually talk into my phone and publish it before even checking- I need a Leah brain

    2. You may want to check out the return policy on the Leah Brain before you get one. ;D