Monday, July 29, 2013

Quinoa peanut butter cookies

These are amazingly delicious! And healthy ( which to me is a rare combination) . They have a nutty rich flavor. I adapted the recipe from 

1 c milled quinoa
1 1/4 c milled brown rice
1 c coconut sugar
1 T cornstarch
2 t baking powder
1/2 t real salt
1/4 c honey
2 eggs
1 c peanut butter (homemade is preferred) 
2 tsp vanilla
1 T coconut oil 
2 T whole milk

Combine all dry ingredients . Add wet ingredients in order. Mix well.
Roll into balls and press down with a fork crisscross like classic peanut butter cookies. Bake at 350 on greased cookie sheet for 15-18 min


  1. Did you just mill the rice and quinoa in the same mill you grind your wheat in?

  2. Wow, Jenny - these look great, I (or one of my girls) will have to try making them. Love the name of your blog, by the way :)

  3. Leah - Yes I have a ancient " champion juicer" from my mom I'm sure you remember it... it doesn't do as fine as the mills you and paula have - but it works for me... :)

    Shannon - my children gave it a thumbs up and I was so surprised because they "haven't learned to appreciate "quinoa :)